Tips for Choosing Your Interior Designer

A carpet is an essential accessory in any home. It provides both aesthetic effect and functional purpose so selecting the right carpet can be a tricky decision. After all, once bought you can’t just return it to the store if you feel it’s not creating the desired effect you expected. 

Selecting the right colour is often the hardest decision as the wrong colour can really spoil the decor of your room. On the other hand, the right colour carpet can dramatically change a shabby room and become the main focal point around which you can arrange your accessories and furniture. 

Designers can provide you some useful tips on how to select a colour for your carpet that best complements your space and décor. 

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Consider your Existing Furniture and Decor

While selecting the colour of your carpet, you can either start by making the carpet the focal point and selecting your furniture and furnishing accordingly or the other way round. Do remember that furniture such as sofas and padded chairs come in limited colours so select these first and then move on to the furnishing and accessories. 

Once you have decided on colours for these, move on to the paint. Select the colour of your carpet after you have finalized the paint for your walls. Another point to keep in mind is that colours tend to fade over years so it’s best to buy a slightly darker shade so that your carpet retains its colour over the years. 

Go Neutral if Undecided

If your interior decoration is already done, it might be wiser to go for neutral shades that merge smoothly with other tones. Your carpet has the power to create a huge impact (negative or positive) and a very bold carpet even in a large room can be quite overwhelming. 

Moreover, since neutral shades tend to complement other colours, you can easily change your cushion covers, bed covers and other small furnishings from time to time if you feel bored with the same look. However, a good quality carpet is quite expensive and changing it after every few years will not be necessary if you pick the right neutral shade.  

Interior design Sydney companies suggest neutral tones like earthy colours, beige and cream that always have the potential to smarten up any room when paired with the right coloured furnishing and accessories. 

Consider your Lifestyle and Family

If you party a lot or have kids or pets, it’s best not to go for pure white or similar light neutral shades. After all, you don’t want your carpet to show stains all over and spend regularly on its upkeep. 

On the other hand, a very dark neutral shade may be good at hiding stains, but is more likely to show off dust and lint easily. It is best to go for a shade in-between too dark and too light for easier maintenance. 

You can also select a carpet with designs and flecks instead of going for a solid colour. Such designs and flecks are great at hiding both dust and stains. Check out samples at an interior decoration Sydney PTY store before buying your carpet.