Old School Bodybuilding Bodybuilder Documentary

,Old School Bodybuilding Bodybuilder Documentary
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The Forgotten Secrets of Old School Body Building Masters For Building Tons of Muscle Fast
I used to work and eat well. That’s what I thought, as I followed all the guides online ” muscle building ” because they were established. In fact, I went out and a “perfect” diet ate more than four years , almost never missing a workout or cheat food I ate. And after four years , I looked back and I realized that I had put on about 8 pounds of muscle mass. It is two pounds per year. It’s embarrassing – people could just tell me after four years left! So I stepped back , I realized that I had to throw everything I knew and start over. I turned to the study of old masters bodybuilding in 1950 and 1960 and the secrets I learned changed my life .

These guys have never used supplements , ate a super -base system , and is one of the simplest exercises ever seen . And you know what? They were very muscular and cut. Here are some tips I’ve learned from them :

– Get rid of your supplements and eat eggs . Eggs have a bad reputation as aging and healthy cholesterol . These statements are simply not true ! Where do I usually have one or two scoops of protein powder , instead of eating eggs. Just what secret probably put a couple of pounds of muscle in my body .

– Work hard and SIMPLE . All training plans provided today are multi- setted , periodization , and scientifically correct. Kiss ! Everything you need to put on muscle is to work as much as possible in the shortest time possible. This means doing an exercise for a body part, and do three sets of as many reps as you can until you can not move that body part more . You will grow like a weed and fast.

– The only cardio should be performed are fast rides! That’s right, the works! I used to go run and run , and all that he did, it’s eating my muscles. ( When the race for muscle uses more energy than fat. ) Go for a walk heavy and stay in a little body fat .

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Athletes in this video:
Chris Lavado – Matt Ogus – Jeff Seid – Daniel Blackwell
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Bodybuilding Motivation – Beast In My Heart [2015]

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I Want To Look Like That Guy – Bodybuilding Documentary

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What does it really take to become ripped like a bodybuilder? I Want To Look Like That Guy answers the question by following filmmaker Stuart MacDonald through 2 years of training with Jeff Willet, natural bodybuilder and IFBB Pro. The last 6 months tests the limits of his mind, body, family and friends as they watch him trim down from 30% body fat to under 6% body fat. You won’t believe what it really takes to look like that guy!

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Bodybuilding Motivation 2015 – Genetics

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Generation Iron ( movie trailer )
Kali Muscle (YT channel )
Evogen (YT channel )

Speach : Rich Piana – Genetics

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“Реальная качалка 16” [“True Gym 16: Power bodybuilding” with Nataliya Truhina] ENG SUBS

,Nataliya Truhina – World, European deadlift and bench press champion weight category 82,5 kg; bench press without special equipment world record holder in 3 Federations (WPC, GPA, NPA); World armlifting Champion; 2 times overall Baikal bodybuilding Champion.

Наталия Трухина – Чемпионка Мира, Европы и Евразии по жиму лежа и становой тяге (весовая 82,5 кг); рекордсменка мира по жиму лежа в трех Федерациях (WPC,GPA, NPA), во всех этих Федерациях выполнен норматив Элита; чемпионка мира по армлифтингу; двухкратная абсолютная чемпионка Забайкалья по бодибилдингу.

Выпуск был снят в фитнес-клубе “HIGH ENERGY”, который находится по адресу: г. Москва, ул. Водников, д. 2, стр. 2.

Тайком – Качок
Батут Махинация – Про качков
Алла Пугачева – Хороший ты парень, Наташка
Бригадный подряд – Мясо
Руки вверх – Наташа
[AMATORY] & the Sky is Red – Пырышки-пупырышки
Dj Rex feat B.Benassi & Детский Хор – Из чего же сделаны наши мальчишки?

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